1What are the main advantages of DASH?

DASH will be the main connector between the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE), the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), the Damansara Puchong Highway (LDP) and the Penchala Link. As the connecting expressway between all these major roads, DASH will ease traffic congestions in the areas of Shah Alam, Sg Buloh, Damansara, Kota Damansara and Bandar Utama.

DASH is the ideal link that will bring about convenience, savings in petrol and reducing vehicular wear and tear, as well as allow users to create better quality of living that does not include being stuck in traffic for long hours.

2What are the main reasons for the construction of DASH?

DASH will be constructed for two main reasons:

  • To address the high rate of development along the Shah Alam/Batu Arang corridor that calls for additional road capacity. This includes the new areas of development in Sungai Buloh as well as the move to expand the capacity of Subang Airport by 2015.
  • The construction of DASH will also address the traffic needs of the future. With DASH, the traffic volume will be reduced on Jalan Sg Buloh by 33%, on Persiaran Surian by 43% and on Jalan Batu Arang by 39%.
3What Is PROLINTAS Role In The Construction Of The Expressway?

PROLINTAS or Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings Sdn Bhd is an investment holdings company with a focus on infrastructure development. It is wholly owned by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and belongs to the logistics and infrastructure arm of the company. PROLINTAS will fully develop the project after which it will be handed over to the government to manage once the concession period is over.

4How Long Will The Project Construction Take?
The construction of the project is expected to begin in 2016 and expected to complete in 2020.
5What Are The Overall Benefits To The Economy With The Building Of These Expressways?
The project is part of the government’s public-private partnership projects aimed at increasing the private sector’s involvement in nation building and reduce the government’s financial burden. As the project will be financed by the private sector, it brings an economic boost to companies and SMEs in the country that will be involved directly and indirectly in the project, increasing opportunities for growth and thus enhancing the country’s economy even further.
6Considering The MRT Will Also Be Up And Running In The Near Future, Where Does DASH Fit In In Terms Of Transportation In The Country?
The MRT will increase the amount of commuters that use the public transport system in the city, projected to be at around 25% (from around 18% currently), thus reducing the amount of road users. However, studies have shown that there is an expected overall rise of 3.6 million vehicles on the road. As such, the upcoming DASH will complement public transportation systems. Works to better the road infrastructure and public transportation system needs to be done in tandem so as to cope with an ever increasing population in the Klang Valley.
7How Many Years Will The Project Be In Concession?
The project will be in concession for 65 years.
8What Are The Toll Rates For DASH?
The toll rate for DASH will be calculated once the project is complete. Updates of this will be posted here once they become available.
9How Can The Public Keep Abreast With Construction Updates?
All construction updates as well as news on the project will be available on the website. Click here for the latest updates. Traffic management plans will also be available here and will be updated periodically. The public can also follow DASH updates through its twitter handle – @myDASHofficial.
10What Can Be Done On The Individual Level To Control Noise And Dust?

Homeowners near construction sites can do a few things to reduce the level of noise and the impact of dust on their homes. This includes keeping their windows closed as much as possible, washing porches to reduce the amount of dust entering the home, adhering to all safety regulations posted by the construction site, and using masks and other forms of nasal protection where necessary. Overall, keep to a regular cleaning schedule at home to ensure the health of your family members is maintained.

While every precaution will be taken on the construction sites to reduce noise pollution, residents can employ ear plugs, keep their doors and windows closed during periods of heavy construction and keep away from activities near heavy machinery.

Residents can rest assured that the health and safety on all construction sites will be maintained at the highest level.

The DOE will monitor the constructions impact on the environment at scheduled intervals. Residents who wishes to lodge a complaint with DOE on noise, vibrations and dust levels, may contact their local DOE or contact PROLINTAS through its soon- to-be-made available email, hotline and customer service mobile kiosk. Investigations will be made to determine the authenticity of the complaint and action will taken to rectify the situation should the complaint be deemed genuine.

11What Is Level Of Service?

Based on general guidelines from the authorities, Level of Service in simple terms means an indication of traffic conditions and comfort experienced by a road user on the road. There are 6 levels of service explained plainly:

12What Are The Emergency Numbers?
The hotline number is 1 300 88 5522.
13Where Do I Go If I Have A Complaint Or Need To Reach Project Managers?

All enquiries can be sent to feedback.dash@prolintas.com.my or the public may call the hotline number at 1 300 5522. For Twitter is @myDASHofficial. Additionally, mobile kiosks will be available along the expressway route. This will enable the public to have a face-to-face discussion on any issues linked to the expressway construction.